Portlands US Bank Ripping People Off

It always amazes me how banks treat you differently depending on how much money you have with them. I’m the owner of a small online marketing company in Portland, Oregon. I use Bank of America for most of my business but I decided to open both a personal and business account with the US Bank in NW Portland because they are in the same neighborhood as me.

My experiences so far –

1. They sent my business card to the bank instead of my house so I had to go to the bank to pick it up.

2. After picking up the card I attempted to make a deposit while traveling but it turns out my pin didn’t work.

3. I received multiple overdraft fees in the account.

4. I went into the branch to speak to them about the issue and the manager I needed to connect with was not in the office. As a separate issues, I lost my personal bank card while traveling and had to order a new one. I was told I could use my business card to withdraw funds from my personal until my new personal card arrived in the mail.

5. It turns out my account is not set up that way so when I used the ATM it hit me with a few additional overdraft fees.

6. The US Bank app never notified me of these overdrafts.

6. US Bank shut down my personal account because I had over $300 in overdraft fees in my business account. I found this out because when I was out with a client, my card was declined.

6. When I got a hold of the manager I needed, Nick. he told me that he called me multiple times but was unable to get a hold of me. I apologized, explaining that my business had a new phone number and that he could have Emailed me.

7. I explained that I was okay paying some of the late charges but that I would appreciate it if some of the charges would be reversed.

8. He refused to reverse a single dime in charges, saying that I should have contacted him sooner. He also recommended that I close my accounts.

I understand the issue but it would have been nice to have a few of the charges taken off. I guess they made $300 off me that’s clearly all that matters to them. I feel very hurt and taken advantage of so I have written this review and our staff has created a small marketing campaign to promote it. I sincerely hope no one else is taken advantage of in the same way I was at the North West Branch of the US Bank in Portland, Oregon.


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